Case 1 Question

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Case 1 question
1. In what ways are Hazel's customers most likely to judge the quality of her lawn care services? 2. hazel is the operation manager of her business. Among her responsibilities are forecasting, inventory management, scheduling, quality assurance, and maintenance. a. What kinds of things would likely require forecasts?

b. What inventory items does Hazel probably have? Name one inventory decision she has to make periodically.
c. What scheduling must she do? What things might occur to disrupt schedules and cause hazel to reschedule? d. How important is quality assurance to hazel's business? Explain. e. What kinds of maintenance must be performed?

3. What are some of the trade offs that Hazel probably considered relative to: a. working for a company instead of for herself?
b. Expanding the business?
c. launching a web site?
4. The town is considering an ordinance that would prohibit putting grass clippings at the curb for pick up because local lad fills cannot handle the volume. What options might Hazel consider if the ordinance is passed? name 2 advantages and 2 drawbacks of each option. 5. Hazel decided to offer the students who worked for her a bonus of $25 for ideas on how to improve the business, and they provided several good ideas. One idea that she initially rejected now appears to hold great promise. The student who proposed the idea has left, and is currently working for a competitor. Should Hazel send that student a check for the idea? What are the possible trade-offs?
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