Cas Reflections

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CAS Reflections
Tyler Wagner

In our first semester of school for our cas hours I have chosen to do creative. In doing creative I have chosen to play guitar. My instructor that taught me to play some guitar was my brother Ryan Wagner. He is 19 years old when he was about my age my uncle gave him a guitar so he thought he might as well learn and I wanted to learn to so he taught me a few things. When I chose this I was excepting to be a master at guitar when I was done because I am sure that would take a long time. I just wanted to be able to play a couple cords and maybe a few easy songs. Day 1 was the hardest being brothers there were of course some arguing but I did get work done in that hour. What I learned first was how to properly hold a guitar and where all the cords were located. The cords I learned were e, g, b, d, a, e. this are the main cords and make all the sounds, he taught me just how to stroke the cords properly and how to hold them the right way. Day 2 we kind of the same thing as day 1 we just reviewed basically because he had to go to work so we only had 30minutes instead of the usual hour. Day 3 we had a full hour and got a lot done. After reviewing the cords again and how they sound for the first 30 minutes, the last 30 minutes he played a song, jumper by third eye blind. He said it’s a really good song to play and it’s not that hard to play or remember how to play, after he played it 4 or 5 times I tried but I didn’t quite get it. Day 4 is when I started to actually play the guitar a lot better and was having fun doing it; by the end of the hour we had I could play about half the song. Day 5 we only had 30 minutes but I played all I remembered and then he keep playing it and I would play it back and I played the whole song, not by myself but with help from my brother. We did that 3 or 4 times until he had to leave. Day 6 our last day we had a full hour and I played the song with him and by the end of our hour I...
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