Cartoon Personal Reflection

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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I would best describe myself by associating with the cartoon character Wonder Woman. The traits that she has are strength, wisdom, and sisterhood. She is also a strategist and she trained herself both physically and mentally to handle all challenges that come her way. I think that I possess the same traits in many aspects of my life. One similarity is the way that I handle being a full-time student, in addition to being a single mother raising three boys. I have to think with conviction and be able to mentally and physically do all of the things that need to be done on a daily basis to achieve my goals.

If I had to pick a cartoon character to be on my team at work it would be Batman. The traits that he has are deductive abilities, indomitable will, science and technology skills, and morals. He also has deductive abilities and makes use of his intellect. Although he has no superpowers, he relies on his own scientific knowledge to plan and carry out any task. All of these traits would make him a team player that I would like to have on my team.

If I could have a cartoon character as my boss it would be Superman. He has management and leadership skills that I value with the ability to act decisively in a crisis. He is also gentle, kindhearted, and selfless, in addition to maintaining friendships and acquaintances. He has firm knowledge of what is right and wrong and in a business setting all of these things would make him the ideal boss.

These cartoon characters have all of the knowledge and ability that would make up the perfect team, both professionally and personally. They were all on a team called Super Friends in a 1973 cartoon show. I’ve added a picture for those of us mature students that might remember watching this!
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