Enforce school uniforms

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Dear Mrs...,

People’s personalities are all different, and vary from person to person. My personality is unique and has its own traits. First, I’m a curious person who always looks around and wonders how everything happens, or causes things to happen. I was at the beach one day when I was younger and just stared at the waves for about 15 minutes, wondering what is causing all of it. Second, I’m a positive person who always thinks that everything will be all right and that everything will always work out for the better. Being positive always makes me happier and fills my life with joy.

I think that I relate to Patrick Star because he is also a very curious person who questions everything. One day, him and SpongeBob were watching Mermaid Man’s lair and they started playing with their guns because they were so curious and could not resist touching them and using them. Patrick is also positive and optimistic because he never has a frown or anything in that nature. He is always encouraging himself and others to do well in things like the time when he cheered on SpongeBob during his driving test.

Being curious is a strength because you will never succeed if you don’t try to do something, and being curious is a motive to make you try new things. Another strength is curiosity and learning. If you are curious about what you are learning then that means that your brain is soaking up all of that knowledge like a sponge. A weakness of being curious is being to curious and letting things get in in the way of your every day life. Being positive is a good thing because you are always happier when you stay positive and not let anything get in the way of you. Another strength of being positive or optimistic is that it affects everyone around you and it can make everyone happier. A weakness of always being positive is that when something bad happens to you, you can’t just be fine with it. You have to get angry and conquer the loss that you encountered. I have three...
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