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According to research, most respondents aware of a minimum charge of 5 pence on all single-use carrier bags. However, most young people were not aware of the charge, which is the number of students taking up in these age groups, who may only just studying in school and go shopping infrequently. On the contrary, a large number of old people were aware of the charge due to often buying groceries and everyday items from shops.

This bar chart compares the proportion of respondents of both genders views on taking their own shopping bags. When it comes to inconvenience, men making up over half of the sample, higher than that of women. In addition, most of males said the charge would be a good way to protect environment.

In the pie chart, we can see that some respondents agreed with the charge over 5 pence, which might depend on the quality of the carrier bags, some people disagreeing with the charge and saying they would not be willing to pay anything for bags in shops. The vast majority of people said they would prefer paying 5 pence, who think it is a reasonable price they can afford.

It is recommended that other government could introduce this plan as a legal requirement to reduce plastic carrier bags use so that improving litter control and achieving a cleaner environment.

Although the policy has had some successes, there is still some people prefer buying carrier bags from shops rather than bring reusable bags. Therefore, the government should increase people environmental awareness, enhance monitoring of carrier bags usage and develop new environmental products to replace plastic bags.

In addition, if retailers sell more attractive reusable bags, shoppers would have more choices so that reduce carrier bags usage.

In October 2011, Wales became the first nation in the UK to charge for single use carrier bags. More and more people take their own bag to the supermarket after the 5 pence charge on per single-use carrier bag....
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