Betta Value Stores

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Betta value stores meeting report:

The first issue in the meeting that we discussed was that at the store enterance, there are too few shopping baskets, and any available trolleys are of the wrong type. The store has problems with persuading shoppers to return them to the trolley park at the main entrance of the store. We had quite a debate on this issue as Zara and Ahmed had quite strong ideas. Ahmed had the idea of nectar points and that every time you put your trolley back you will get points on your card. And in the end you can trade your points for a item sold in the store. In the end we decided that this would be too much of a hassle so instead we went with Zara’s idea. Which was to firstly buy more trolleys so there are plenty available but to buy the ones you have to put a pound in. This way people will return their trolleys so they can have their pound back. We thought a disadvantage for this would be that we would have to replace all existing trolleys with ones which have slots for moneys. In the end we decided this would be a good thing to invest in as it will be very beneficial in the end.

The second issue that we discussed was that staff are seen to be unhelpful. That checkout operators do not know the location of items, people are still seen to be stacking shelves after the store has opened for the public and that younger employees are offhand with dealing with the public. For the solution of this first problem about people carry on stacking the shelves we came to a clean conclusion of started stacking shelves earlier and for them to train to stack the shelves faster. The solution to the checkout operators we were torn between two. One idea was that we give a sheet of paper to the checkout operators outlining where most of the goods in the store are located. The other idea we had was that we have a touch screen computer in which you type in the key words of the item and it will tell you its location. We said that initially it would cost...
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