Carols Gambino

Topics: Gambino crime family, Albert Anastasia, Carlo Gambino Pages: 2 (857 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Carlo Gambino was born on August 24, 1902 in Palermo, Sicily.His family had been part of the Honored Society, for centuries.A brotherhood that used codes of honor and millions of Italian Liras to control thereown destiny and free them from repression.Only 5'7" and with a prominent hook nose that gave him caricature, Carlo was respected and tough, and not afraid to confront those who owed money to the Honored Society, carrying out orders with a charismatic ruthlessness that was soon noted. Gambino was "made" or inducted into the Society on his 19th birthday.At age 19 in November 1921, using his family connections from his mother's family, the Castellanos, who were already established in New York, Gambino left Palermo, Sicily for America. He was smuggled aboard a freighter among crates of wine, olive oil and anchovies that anchored at Norfolk, Virginia.Never becoming a citizen of the United States,Carlo was on the rise to the top of one of the most powerful American Families. Carlo began as an enforcer for the local Society chieftain, Don Vito Cascio Ferro. Carlo would have been happy to remain in Sicily and succeed Don Vito, but the atmosphere of the rise of fascism under Vito Mussolini made it difficult for the Honored Society. Mussolini declared publicly "he would break the organization". He worked during the era of prohibition for the Castellano family as a rum runner, a driver and sitting shotgun, eventually moving to another family working for Joe the Boss Masseria's bootlegging racket.Masseria's rival was Salvador Maranzano.Carlo joined forces with Lucky Luciano to better serve their enterprises. Luciano wanted to oust both Masseria and Maranzano. On April 15, 1931, Masseria was murdered while at a meeting with Luciano at a Coney Island restaurant. Luciano joined with Maranzano, as the new bosses. Maranzano was shot and stabbed to death in his New York offices on orders from Luciano. This left the door open for Luciano to become the top boss.Luciano...
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