Caring Theory

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  • Published: December 2, 2012
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Swanson’s Middle Range Nursing Theory of Caring
By: Shari Semelroth RN, BSN
Mennonite College of Nursing

Do we honestly make an effort to improve the environment, care, medical treatment, and interactions with those patients who are suffering a loss? Do we adequately provide the care that they need? These questions are answered in Swanson’s Middle Range Theory of Caring. We examine the five caring processes and their applications to one’s daily nursing routines. Many healthcare organizations have adopted the caring theory as their model of care for their philosophy and principles for nursing. Caring theory has also been the focus of many research articles that have concluded that caring is a natural part of nursing and it is based on evidence. All healthcare professionals should be able to achieve the concepts into their daily nursing profession. We care for patients, and what we are currently doing we can always switch to improve for more positive interactions.

What is caring and why is it essential to nursing? What are the perceptions of caregivers, care receivers, and care observers regarding caring? A nurturing way of relating to a valued other person toward whom one has a personal sense of commitment and responsibility. Nursing has traditionally been concerned not only with the caring needs of individuals, but also with caring as a value or principle for nursing action. (Swanson, 1991) The underlying structure of the nursing philosophical system or grand theory of nursing as caring is created by the assumptions of the theory and their interrelationships. (Boykin & Schoenhofer, 2001) These assumptions develop the most fundamental belief that all persons are caring by virtue of their humanness, that to be human is to be caring. A deep understanding of the practical meaning of that foundational assumptions also organize the theory that personhood is living grounded in caring; that caring is lived moment to moment in relationships with...
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