Caribbean Studies Questions

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Assignment #1
Complete the following questions.
1. Explain what is meant by the term ‘colonial education’. (1 mark) - Colonial education is the primary education of boys and girls in the colonial period, this included reading, writing, poems, prayers, geography and simple math. 2. Name one institution that facilitated colonial education in the Caribbean. (1 mark) - One institution that facilitated colonial education in the Caribbean is the church 3. Name two festivals held on North America or Europe that have been influenced by Caribbean culture. (2 marks) - Caribana in Canada and Notting Hill Carnival in London 4. Explain how the festivals named above help North Americans or Europeans to understand Caribbean culture. (3 marks) - These festivals help persons to understand and experience the culture of the Caribbean such as our music, food, craft and fashion. 5. Outline two ways in which the festivals have had an impact on the economies of countries in North America or Europe. (2 marks) - One way in which festivals has had an impact economically is when millions of persons go to the Carnival in Europe spending around UK £30 million, therefore boosting their economy. Another way is when millions of persons visit the Caribana festival spending millions of dollars which provides an income for the metropolitan centres. 6. Explain two ways in which education influences social stratification. - Two ways in which education influences social stratification is firstly by persons want to send their children to ‘good’ schools, normally the high achieving or denominational schools thereby promoting social stratification. Another way is through examination such as Common Entrance or as we now know it GSAT, it was seen that only ‘bright’ students should continue to secondary school and beyond and this examination caused students to be grouped according to their grades. There were high stakes for entering secondary...