Caribbean Studies Notes

Topics: Caribbean, Central America, Caribbean Sea Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Caribbean studies
Assignment #2

As a developing region there are many challenges that we face as a people, be it political or socio-economical. Caribbean studies is a subject offered with the aim of allowing students to better understand the challenges we, as Caribbean people, face in our pursuit of development. The Caribbean is also well known for its rich and diverse cultural practices, and so a student who studies the subject would grow a deeper appreciation for one of the things that defines us most. Our history, of utmost importance in shaping the people we are today, would also be studied in detail. Our resilience as Caribbean people since slavery would show how much we have developed and its importance in the society we make up today. Thus, we would recognize our role in society, not as being just trivial, but as the forces that drive all aspects of life. And thus the importance of preserving our heritage as Caribbean people would be clarified and reinforced. Caribbean Studies would also be a pillar in fostering our youths’ development as they enter into the field of work. The subject serves as a means of equipping young entrepreneurs with the necessary skills needed to make a dollar in these trying economic times. The proper decision making attributes would be instilled in any individual that takes the course. Climate change and global warming, probably two of the most controversial and influential topics, along with other global issues, would also be addressed in Caribbean Studies. Topics such and Hurricanes and earthquakes, keeping in mind the Caribbean’s geographical location, would also equip individuals with the knowledge needed to survive natural disasters. Because we, the youths, are the future, we would also ensure that the devastation created by future disasters are minimized. Caribbean Studies in itself would supply the tools needed to take the Caribbean forward, not only the larger islands but the smaller islands as well. And so it is...
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