Issues That Arise in Bahamian Society When Educated Bahamians Decide to Live in Other Countries

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English 300
19 February 2012
Issues That Arise In Bahamian Society When Educated Bahamians Decide To Live In Other Countries The Bahamas is in danger of being overtaken by foreigners. Although this statement is fallacious in context, many Bahamians today would not necessarily disagree with it. That, inevitably though, is a situation that the Bahamas can be faced with if educated Bahamians continue to migrate to other countries at a high rate. This migration, better known by the term ‘Brain Drain,’ is and will always be a part of society where educated people leave their native developing countries and seek out more wealthy, opportunistic countries. As noted in the article Reassessing the Impacts of Brain Drain on Developing Countries, “nearly one in 10 tertiary-educated adults born in the developing world — between a third and half of the developing world's science and technology personnel — now live in the developed world” (Sriskandarajah). Although the idea of moving to a more wealthy country can be beneficial to the Bahamians that are migrating personally, there are some problems that can arise in the Bahamian society as a result of this. When educated Bahamians decide to live in countries outside the Bahamas, it can hamper development in the country, effect family relationships, and can leave the country vulnerable to foreign manipulation.

Educated Bahamians are needed in the Bahamas to further develop the country innovatively. If these Bahamians decide to migrate to other countries, then there could grow to be a great discrepancy in the overall progress of development in the Bahamas because of their absence in the labour force. According to Simon in the article, Bring Home Bahamian Talent, getting access to those skilled Bahamians living abroad and their resourcefulness is crucial to the National Development of the Bahamas (par 3). The Bahamas cannot continue to primarily focus on tourism as its major contributor to the economy when the amount of...
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