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the Problem and Its Background

Carinderia is a popular small food business in the Philippines which has its capability to grow bigger and even bigger in the food industry. Most of it is a home-based, a small space is needed to accommodate your kitchen equipment and one two small tables for your customers could complete a carinderia business. Finding a good location for your food kiosk is extremely important. A place very near or easily accessible to your target customers would be ideal. Decide how many meals you will serve for the day and prepare a menu plan for at least a week. Some carinderia owners stick to a fixed menu plan particularly if they already established best-selling dishes.

Classified as food processing business and categorize as small business enterprise in business organization, carinderia is indeed has a good market in the country. A good carinderia business offers variety of dishes which customer would be chosen from. In some events, carinderia is most widely acceptable to Filipino due to its accessibility and wide demand to public aside from its cheap costing or from having reasonable budget which makes it customer friendly.

Back to its root, the spirit of Carinderia originated in the Pre- Hispanic Time when Indians would put up small stalls just to sell "Curry" dishes. Sources tell us that "Carinderia" used to be called "Karihan" which obviously means a place where one could eat curried dishes. As time passes by, the tradition of selling curried dishes in a typical "karihan" has evolved towards selling several options of dishes particularly home- cooked Filipino dishes. From then on, the word Karihan has already been changed to Carinderia.

Nowadays, Carinderia in its most popular term, being a local eatery which commonly sells and serves and viands with wooden benches is also known as “turo-turo” wherein customers literally point what they want to eat from an array f cauldrons. It is also considered as a respite of travelers having originated as a quick food service in busy crossroads. Today, carinderias have evolved according to the needs of the Filipinos.

Conceptual Framework

In light of the causes and assumptions cited in the review of related literature and studies, especially in the article written in Asian Journal that customer gain pleasure in the food they ate even it is in the road side because of the home-type cuisine a carinderia is offering, this study aimed to determine a probable general assumptions whether carinderia customers gained satisfactions from variety of dishes as to its taste and appearance. Thus, to set parameters of this study, the researchers formulated the following model.

Figure 1. Areas of Research As Proposed by the Researcher

Figure 1 illustrates the conceptual framework of the study and how carinderia business affects customer satisfaction and the food processing enterprise.

Statement of the Problem

This study tackled about Carinderia and discussed important factors to determine answer to the following:

1. What are the Profile of the Respondents as to

a. Gender

b. Age

2. Why do Filipinos preferred to eat in a carinderia?

3. What are dishes usually sell in a carinderia?

4. Is there a significant correlation between the features of carinderia and customer satisfaction as to dishes served?


The study attempted to test the null hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance.

H1. There is a significant relationship between the features of carinderia and customer satisfaction as to dishes served.

H2. There is a significant relationship between customer satisfaction and Food Taste.

H3. There is a significant relationship between the most saleable variant in a carinderia and customer satisfaction.

Scope and Limitation

This study has...
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