Career Stages

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A career is defined as a sequence of positions occupied by a person during the course of a lifetime. A Career mentioned above, includes many positions stages and transitions just as a person’s life does. It can easily understand if we think of career consisting of several stages. Most of us have gone or will go through the under mentioned five stages: * Exploration is when individuals are exploring possible career options and making critical choices. * Establishment begins with the search for work and getting that first job. * Mid-career is when an individual is no longer seen as a "learner." * Late career is when an individual can share his or her knowledge with others in the organization. * Decline is when an individual leaves the work force. Exploration:

This is the career stage that usually ends in one’s mid twenties as one makes the transition from college to work. What we hear from our teachers friends ad relations our own observation of careers of our parents shape our future career choices at this stage. From an organizational standpoint this stage has least relevance as it takes place prior to employment. However the organizations can still track the minds of young people by offering internships to them or offering on the job training to bright students. For the individual this is the stage of self exploration seeking answers to various puzzling questions about careers. Example of external and internal events on a profession of lecturer and suppose that I adopt this profession. Establishment:

The establishment period begins with the search for work and includes getting your first job. It includes the first experience on the job peer group evaluations personal tensions and anxieties that confront a person trying to make his mark. This period is characterized by committing mistakes, learning mistakes and assuming increased responsibilities. Mid career:

Mid career is a stage that is typically reached between...
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