Career Change

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Career Change
Richard N. Bolles author of “What Color is Your Parachute” has greatly improved one's chances at making a positive career change. Although there is no real easy way or best time to do so, there are some strategies that do work if one is willing to put forth the effort to achieve that goal. In order to find a career that makes you happy, or one that you enjoy going to everyday, you must first evaluate yourself. After all not knowing our strengths, accomplishments, and desires or how to utilize them hinders us in making a sound career choice. There are many ways to be deterred or misled as to why or how to go about a career change. It is suggested in “What Color is Your Parachute” that if an individual follows a few basic steps, develops an understanding of his or her self, and does not go about a career change or job hunt in the usual manner, one can be successful at finding a career that is enjoyable, even if a company is not advertising (Bolles,1995, p.186).

However, the process begins with self evaluation. It is recommended that he/she must first identify their current skills, not traits, as well as which of those skills are transferable to their new career choice (Bolles,1995, p.181). According to research “You begin career-change (or a thorough job-hunt) by first identifying your transferable, and functional, skills” (Bolles,1995, p.180). In order to find your value, start by looking at past accomplishments and achievements, no matter how small. It is suggested that we write out short stories of past accomplishments so that they may viewed. Also one must understand the language that is being spoke in their field of interest (Bolles,1995, p.222). For example if you are working at a...
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