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Becoming a circus clown is the career I would like to achieve after my high school years. A career such as this may sound effortless and simply, but it involves both training and schooling. Many people don’t know that there are many different of clowns that you can become, but just like any other career you have to start with the basics.

Being an athlete all my life, and playing sports like lacrosse which requires quick movement and balance will give me an advantage when I go for an audition and interview at Dell’ Arte International located in California which is a school I’d very much like to attend. In this audition I will need to include my life story enacted by whatever means I chooser I must include my name, where I’m from, a song, and a movement sequence ranging from very simple to as complex as you can imagine (Dell’ Arte). I also need to perform two contrasting monologues, one from a classical drama and one from a contemporary comedy, each monologue being one minute long. A statement of purpose is required which is “The statement of purpose should be one page type written statement expressing your interest in the work we propose at the school, how you intend to engage the work, how you hope to change, how you want to apply the work to your life, and anything else you feel is at the heart of what you are searching for” (Dell’ Arte). Before I show up for my audition I will need to send them three letters of recommendation and the most recent photo of myself, I will also have to pay fifty dollars as an application fee. I would be attending the three year program as a total the tuition is $51,750 (Dell’ Arte). Both financial aid and scholarships are available. Although I will not need financial aid I will be applying for scholarship money. In Dell’ Arte I will be in a program called the Professional Training Program.

Being a circus clown is a job that is always exciting, which is why I want to become one. It is something that never gets boring...
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