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Careers With-in Health and Social Care

There are many careers with-in the Health and Social Care Sector which require different levels of experience and qualifications. Below is a list of some of the careers and their explanations and levels of experience and qualifications you need before you can carry out these roles. The list I have provided is not exhaustive and there are also many other careers that you can do within the Health and Social care sector but I hope it gives evidence that I have a good knowledge of the sector and where I could head after gaining the relevant experience and qualifications.

You can at the moment start working in the Care sector without any formal qualifications in Care, but after a probation period most employers will want you to work towards Common Induction Standards such as a level 2 NVQ in Health and Social Care or a similar recognised care qualification. NVQ’s have now changed to The Qualification and Credit Framework or (QCF National Diplomas) mostly starting at a level 2. If you wanted to start work at an entry level in the Care sector you might be the following titles. Care Assistant

Your job title might also be Support worker but you would provide practical help and support with everyday tasks that your service user might need assistance with. They may also be totally dependent on you to carry out a task for them that let them live as much an independent life as possible in the community or a residential Care setting. You would do this by encouraging them to be positive to life changes that might of happened to them such as an illness and support them to make choices about their care and how they want to live their life. As a Care Assistant you may work with families, children, persons with learning or physical disabilities and the elderly either in the community such as peoples own homes or day centres or residential Care / Nursing homes or Children’s Centres. As a Care Assistant you would have to build relationships with your service users and possibly their families or their other key support workers and have a real understanding of their specific needs. You will have to support them with personal care such as washing and dressing and feeding and carry out domestic tasks such as their laundry and general cleaning or possibly their shopping. You would possibly have to help them organise general housekeeping tasks such assisting them to organise paying bills, or budgeting their money. You will have to provide social and emotional support them. You may also after training be able to assist in or administer certain medication. If working in the community you would also have to help the service users support network such as their family or friends adjust to their new care needs. If working in a residential or nursing home you will also work alongside other health professionals such as nurses and will help in delivering the services users ISP, ( Individual Service Plan ) or ICP, ( Individual Care plan) which will both be person centred towards the service user. You may also be involved in arranging and supporting your service users in recreational activities or escorting them to appointments etc. Working in Care can be very challenging and demanding at times, but no two days will ever be the same. You will need to be committed to working with people from all walks of life from many different back grounds such as religion, cultures and nationality and be willing to help support them overcome any problems they may have. You will need to have an understanding of basic health and hygiene standards. You must be sensitive to the needs of people from different religious and cultural backgrounds. You will need to be a good listener and be able to help people face difficult and distressing situations while all the time respecting their dignity and right to confidentiality. You will need to be able to prioritise work and have good time management as well as being reasonably physically...
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