Unit 1 Health and Social Care Level 3

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Employment Responsibilities and Rights- Task 2

A carers role within a company is to be reliable and provide the amount of hours that have been stated on your availability form. You will be required to work over busy periods i.e. bank holidays, Christmas and Easter etc and also provide extra availability to cover for sickness and absence of other staff. You are to be flexible and understand that care is needed 7 days a week 375 days a year. You can also expect tp be provided with adequate training and you will also be expected to keep your key skills and knowledge up to date.

Carers are responsible for keeping information flowing through from the community back to the relevant departments, this information can include clients health or well being, any changes in a clients condition of living or any concerns at all that may arise on a day to day basis that directly affect your service user. Yu should be able to and will be expected to work strongly as part of a team with your seniors to ensure that all of a clients needs are met.

As a carer your role will frequently be linked to other health care professionals. This an include G.Ps, district nurses, paramedics, pharmacists etc You will work alongside them by keeping information up to date and contacting them if their services are needed i.e. medication reviews/ issues, dressing changes/ sores, dietary requirements or in general any health issues.

You must work to ensure that you meet the CQC (care quality commission) standards . You can achieve this by working closely as a team thus providing the best possible care for your service users. There are 5 main standards that a service user can expect and with up to date skills and knowledge the following standards will be adhered to.

1. Expect to be respected, involved and told what’s happening at every stage.

2. Expect treatment, care and support that meets your needs.

3. Expect to be safe.

4. Expect to be cared for by staff with the...
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