Career Paper

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Career Paper
A police officer is something I have always had an interest in becoming. Law enforcement is an exciting career that can open many doors to different jobs, from patrolling the streets to protecting important political figures. Police officers are an essential part of the communities in our nation, offering citizens protection from criminals, preventing crimes, and serving the members of their community.

A police officer's duties, among other things, include patrolling a specific district or beat, writing citations when necessary, offering escorts for convoys, responding to citizens' emergency calls, severing warrants and subpoenas, and writing incident reports after a crime has been committed.1 An essential characteristic of a police officer is physical stamina, physical and mental endurance, and the ability to keep a calm head. These are just a few of the many duties and essential characteristics of a police officer.

A police officer's work environment can vary greatly, either being out on patrol or in an office, either writing reports or viewing bulletins. Out on patrol, an officer's work environment is his or her patrol car. A patrol car has all the devices necessary for an officer to execute his or her duties. It will contain a radio, a mobile laptop, which is used to run license plates, do background checks, and receive directions to the locations of 911 calls, and weapons, such as a shotgun, to be used in hostile situations. A police officer's work environment will vary depending on his or her pecific duties.

Becoming a police officer is a physically demanding process. Many people choose to first obtain a college degree in criminal justice or sociology, because it can help you become a higher rank and opens the options to work for higher authority agencies. The basic requirement for becoming a cop are to be free of any felony convictions, be a citizen of the United States, be at least...
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