Career Exploration Paper

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John Krumboltz once said, “You have control over your own actions and how you think about the events that impact your life. None us can control the outcomes, but your actions can increase the probability that desired outcomes will occur. There are no guarantees in life. The only guarantee is that doing nothing will get you nowhere.” (Krumboltz, 46). In this short exert from his book titled Luck is no Accident, 10 Ways to get More out of Work and Life, Krumbolz discusses the importance of making the most out of opportunities that may seem little or pointless, and that happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, but instead, it is governed by our mental attitude. Throughout my life, I have only had a few jobs because I didn’t start working until I was almost 18, but I have always strived to have the best attitude when working. My first job ever was at Coldstone Creamery, and there were many times that I had to deal with people that were rude and inconsiderate. Krumbolz talks about controlling what you can, and letting go of what you can’t, which is exactly what I tried doing when working there and dealing with these kinds of people.

Furthermore, Robert Lock describes the importance of self-exploration and personal values in his book Taking Charge of Your Career Direction. He encourages readers to think about their own strengths and weaknesses and use those to figure out what career path they should take. All of the positions I have had involve working with other people, and although I am a Business Management major, I am receiving a minor in Communications because I love working and speaking with others. I also think that a Communications minor is something that can help me in every aspect of my life, because without knowing how to communicate in an effective manner, I will never be able to be one hundred percent successful.

The first job I ever took in high school was working at Cold Stone Creamery. Not only was this job enjoyable because I worked with many of my friends, but once I got promoted to Shift Leader, I was familiarized with what goes behind the scenes, not just the making of the ice cream, but the financial part of it. My duties involved counting up all the money at the end of the night, inserting discounts, coupons, and credit card transactions into the computer, as well as making sure that everything is put away properly and in a safe place. This is really when I started to think about being a Business major, and the importance of responsibility. If I didn’t count something right, or I put something wrong in the computer, the whole next day would be started off completely wrong and throw everybody off.

Over summer after my first year of college, I got a job as an office clerk at a local Property Management Company. After working there for a while, I learned some very valuable lessons. First and most important, I learned that I wanted to do something with houses and properties. This interested me very much, and I felt like I was actually making a difference. It doesn’t seem like it, but I was helping many people solve problems they had in their homes on a daily basis, as well as helping people who need homes find new ones. Second, I learned that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. When I first started working there, I had absolutely no experience in that field. The only thing I could do is use the computer in the most basic way, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and so on. After working very hard and paying a lot of attention to what was taught to me, I started to realize that it really wasn’t as hard as it looked in the beginning, and I felt great because I was actually helping people with their homes, and my boss was very satisfied. My duties included everything from opening mail, to inputting rent checks into a system called YARDI, to calling plumbing companies if someone had a plumbing problem, to making cold calls to let people know about our services. This...
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