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Topics: Fashion doll, Barbie Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Calvin Conrad-Kline
Mr. Knoll
Letter to 6th Grader
We were introduced to this experiment with the statement that we were going to predict the number of rubber bands we needed in order to make a Barbie doll get as close to the ground without touching from a certain height that we would not know until the day of the jump. We were given two days, on day one we would test and then on day two we would be told the height and have to predict how many rubber bands we needed to make the jump.

On day one we set up an experiment by choosing our Barbie dolls and taping measuring tape to the wall and we would add a few rubber bands and drop the doll and record our data until we reached a total of twenty one tests. My group started off with four rubber bands and ended using a total of eighteen. We stopped at eighteen because any more and we would not have been able to measure because we were not tall enough to drop it from a higher height. After we recorded all this data on a scatter plot we made a line of best fit, which is a line that goes through the middle of all the points we graphed from our observations. Once we graphed our line of best fit we used our calculators to find the slope and intercept of the line so we can accurately predict where any point we would want would fall. On day two we got the height of our jump which was 533 centimeters we plugged this into the equation we came up with and we got a number of rubber bands for us this was forty-six we had to put on two extra rubber bands because of unknown variables maybe some where bigger or some were more stretched out then others. These influences had a bigger impact then what we thought because after our first jump we were twelve to eighteen inches from the ground and in order to get credit we needed to be within five inches of the ground. We added two more rubber bands and this was enough to make our Barbie doll successfully jump within five inches of the ground. We have successfully predicted the outcome...
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