Topics: Alternative medicine, Medicine, Motivation Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Coming from a small rural high school there have been less opportunities in branching out and looking for a career path. In general I would say that it takes a great deal of self-motivation in choosing a lifestyle for ourselves with such little “big-world” experience, however, for those of us who chose to ask for assistance from our teachers and mentors, the task proved to be relatively easy.

I had no clue which path I wanted to follow or where it would take me although I had toyed with several career choices ranging from a graphic designer to a lawyer. It wasn’t until the beginning of my senior year when I read an article on Kinesiology that I made up my mind. Prior to my discovery of the article, no particular occupation had really ever held my attention.

There have been several driving factors since my decision to study Kinesiology. With a math teacher/ registered nurse for a father and a massage therapist for a mother, I have grown to know the power of alternative healing methods. At the same time I have watched my grandmother suffer through a mounting list of prescription drugs due to Parkinson’s, Diabetes, and all of their symptoms. The number of modern medicines that have actually aided her has been inferior to the number that have been defective .

I am hoping that in my near future I will be able to take my newly acquired knowledge in alternative medicine and apply it to the world by traveling after college. There are many places I would like to visit and I am hoping for some opportunities to gain life and career experience. Maybe someday I will be fortunate enough to travel to needy countries and apply my training to those who need it.

There is not a particular person now or in history that I look to for inspiration but every once in a while I hear of someone that holds the values that I can only hope to maintain throughout life. In general, I respect people who do extraordinary things for nothing. I am greatly motivated by anyone who uses...
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