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Topics: Hygiene, Bathroom, Shower Pages: 3 (1124 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Assisting skills

The role of the heath care assistant in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for client.

Comprehensive description of clients needs.

My client is 77 year old man with diabetes. He lives with his wife. My client is weak and depressed. He smokes cigarretes knowing that he is not allowed, he dont go out and the man is always grumpy. I dont know to much about him cause he never really talks but watch TV. He doesn't have a children but his wife looks after him. My task is to assist him with the shower, get ready all his toiletries beforehand, help him to leave his walker outside the door, make sure his feet is looked after well, make sure he wears a fresh, clean clothes every time after his shower.

Accurate identification of assistance required.

As my client has reduced vision and weakness I help him with his morning shower. My task is to make sure he is safely washed, I observe everything corectly and report everything in the book for the nurse. My client use elderly walker with seat so everywhere he walks he is safe to sit down and rest for while even if it's only short distance in the house. In the bathroom he sits on the chair and there is non slip bathroom mat as well. He has a very tick glasses because of his reduced vision. Gentleman has to take injections every day which gives him his wife. When I visit my client I make sure my hands are washed and I wear disposable apron and glows. I take my client to the bathroom which is nice and warm. He walks with his walker till there. I make sure all things out of his way so he don't bump into something hard cause he might not feel the pain that can worn him to a serious injury. In the bathroom my client first brush his teeth. For man hygiene I check if his toothbrush is changed every three months and he has a soft one cause hard one toothbrush can tear gum tissue which might bring to infection. For the man safety I make sure that shower is warm not hot cause that could dry out...
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