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Capstone Project Manual
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

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The purpose of this manual is to serve as a guide to degree candidates and faculty members in the preparation and final production of the capstone project that meets the criteria of a scholarly work in the field of Information Systems. This is done to establish a standard of presentation and to satisfy other specifications placed upon the college in terms of publishing the final document. The specifications herein are designed for internal consistency as a measure of reliability. Degree candidates preparing a capstone project are strongly advised to read and follow the style and format of this manual carefully.

Acknowledgement : 

A capstone project is a culminating activity that generates an output useful in the development of IS solutions. This may be but not limited to application development that focuses on software engineering processes or application design that focuses on effective testing procedure or a study on application development processes. The Capstone Project is required for candidates for graduation in the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems as indicated in CMO No.53, s. 2006 or the "Revised Policies Standards for IT Education" for the undergraduate program. The capstone project is a terminal project requirement that would not only demonstrate a student's comprehensive knowledge of the area of study and research methods used but also allow them to apply the concepts and methods to a specific problem in his/her area of specialization. Bachelor of Science in Information Systems must complete a capstone project in the form of an IS application, a Multimedia System development or an IT Management project. (CMO No. 53, s2006 & CMO No. 7 s.2010) 

This Capstone Project manual aims to standardize the process of conducting capstone project in the college particularly in the field of Information System and thereby improving the quality of capstone project output submitted by students as well as faculty researchers. 

This manually specifically aims: 

1. To come up with a uniform format of writing the documentation of a capstone project in the final year of Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. 2. To establish guidelines in the evaluation of capstone projects.  3. To ensure a quality output from our students in undergraduate programs.  4. To serve as a guide for faculty members doing capstone project advising. 

1. Capstone Project

A capstone project is an undertaking appropriate to a professional field. It should significantly address an existing problem or need. 

An Information System Capstone Project focuses on the infrastructure, application, or processes involved in introducing a Computing solution to a problem. 

The Capstone Project has a number of educational objectives. Although each Research / Capstone Project is different and the relative emphasis will vary, the subject will involve students in:

* Bringing together and integrating knowledge and skills in the course as a whole; * Reinforcing and developing competencies that have not been sufficiently emphasized in the fundamental subjects; * Defining a substantial engineering study or design task and carrying it to completion within a specified time and to a professional standard; * Completing a comprehensive written and bound report that places the Research / Capstone Project in context, defines its objectives, and describes the work done with the resulting conclusions or recommendations; * Bridging the gap between the undergraduate studies and the professional future, and demonstrating professional competencies and capabilities; * Demonstrating initiative and creativity, taking pride in the achievement of a difficult task.

Through this course, students are prepared in their respective careers. The bulk of the work (i.e.,...
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