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I, Ankit Chaturvedi, hereby declare that the research report entitled “Comparative study & marketing strategies of HUL Soap” is partial fulfillment for the awarded of Degree of BACHELOR BUISNESS ADMINISTRATION. The work has been carried out at Unique COLLEGE, BHOPAL and is an authentic record of our own work.


Ankit Chaturvedi
B.B.A. VI Sem


Projects and research works are integral part of academic curriculum. During the process a student gets an opportunity to study the market scenario and set the practical aspects of theory which makes the concept clear.

This is an outcome of the research work and study of market that undertaken on the subject related to “Comparative study & marketing strategies of HUL Soap” for the partial fulfillment of Bachelor of Business Administration.

The project is done with the objective to study the Purchasing Procedure of soaps. This study and research is also to understand the value of sales and ads promotion campaign so also the perception of soaps users and its circulation power.

This project has been analyzed by meeting a proper number of soap users in NCR region by direct interviews and questionnaire method. It has been quite exciting and enjoying experience to perform this job.

My detailed research and analysis has been followed in a sequential manner. It has been presented hereby. ACKNOWLEDGE

Business World is very much competitive and moving fast with lots of changes every minute in strategies and policies of market.

This work is a synergistic product of many minds. I am grateful for the inspiration and wisdom of many thinkers and for the trans-generational sources and roots of this wisdom.

It has been a great opportunity to undertake research on the subject Comparative study & marketing strategies of HUL Soap. No amount of words can express the benevolence and supportive help given to me by my guide Dr. Rahul Chaturvedi (HOD).

I also want to thank my family members for their guidance and support in the completion of this project successfully. Last but not least I extend my gratitude to all the people whose constant guidance and support made the completion of this project a much more enriching experience.

I hope this project would be liked and appreciated by faculty members and students.

Research Project

➢ Study the comparative study of HUL, P&G, Nirma, Johnson & Johnson and Godrej in respect of Price, Promotion and consumer demands.

➢ The check out the how much population uses HUL of P&G products.

➢ To search out what was the last years sales profit of various companies.

➢ My research objective is to do the survey of small samples in various parts of Barielly and fill up the Questionnaire by them.

➢ To give suggestions to the various companies why their market share are decreasing and how to improve their values.

➢ My research objective is to make out the research for the companies with the less expenditure on the research process with the maximum amount of profit by the research done.

➢ To check out which one of the company expands more money on their advertisement.



FMCG refers to consumer non-durable goods requirement for daily or frequent use. Typically, a consumer buys these goods at least once a month.

The sector covers a wide gamut of products such as detergents, toilet soaps, toothpastes shampoos, creams, powders, food products, confectioneries, beverages, cigarettes.

Typical characteristics of FMCG products.

Individual items are of small value. But all FMCG products put together account for a significant part of the consumer’s budget.

The consumer keeps limited inventory of these products and prefers to purchase them frequently, as and when required. Many of these products are perishable.

The consumer spends little time on the purchase decision....
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