Capital Punishment on Sex Offenders

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LaShannon Jones
Ms. fischer
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26 March 2013

“A View From The Front Line”

In “ A View From The Front Line”, Nathaniel Pallone is explaining that Megan’s law was passed because the lack of treatment for the offender. He supports his claim by pointing out that Megan’s killer had been incarcarated twice for the same offense and released due to completion of sentence and not because he received treatment for his actions. Pallone argues that the prosecutor, the defense attorney, and the presiding judge was only interested in saving the state more expenses of a trial.

As a professor of psychology and an editor of the Journal of Offender Rehabilitaion, Pallone has served on the Special Classification Review Board (SCRB) for sex offenders in the New Jersey Department of corrections since 1976. He also served as dean and academic vice president of the State University of New Jersey.

Pallone states there was failure in the criminal justice system. He supports his facts by stating, “ Megan’s Law came to be , not only without legislative hearings on any of the several proposed bills but also without even a cursory reconstructive analysis of the chain of events that placed a twice-convicted sex offender at liberty without even the mild deterrence of parole supervision”. Pallone is trying to let people know that seven year old Megan kanka could be alive today if the criminal system would have taken on treatment for megan’s killer, instead of releasing him back to the community to inflict more pain to families. This is a good argument because Pallone describes how sex offenders can be released without the right tool to help reconstruct their character. He explains that with the proper treatment and well maintained behavior , a sex offender can make a remarkable recovery and return to society.

Secondly, Pallone’s tone states that the offender should have been recommended to a state psychiatric hospital. He supports claims by saying, “ If there...
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