Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity

Topics: Psychiatry, Mental disorder, Insanity defense Pages: 4 (1617 words) Published: April 28, 2008
Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
Cody Chipperfield

The first article I read was “A Suitable Punishment the Future of the Insanity Defense”. In the article the author talks about the insanity defense and how the public dislikes it. The general public believes that it is a cop out and allows people to get away with murder. Mr. Woychuk, being a lawyer, also talks about the battle of expert witnesses, the Mnaghten rule, and other issues related to the insanity plea. He also deals with the ineffectiveness of the American prison system in terms of deterrence and rehabilitation. The ability of the mental hospitals to retain a person until they are fit to leave is also discussed. He suggests this would be a better way of doing things in prisons to stop them from being revolving doors. This is where he then goes off on child rapists. He thinks they should be given an indeterminate sentence so they will not go out and commit the same crime again. Not allowing the criminals to commit these horrible acts would stop the cycle of kids being abused and then becoming dysfunctional as adults. Overall Mr. Woychuk believes that if the issue of personal responsibility is not dealt with properly we will continue to have violence and excuses for it. I then read “Razor Fruitcake” which made me realize I never want to be a defense attorney or psychiatrist, because of the guilt they often have to endure. This article is about Derek Diesel. Diesel was arrested for trying to take a boy home to “talk” to him. He told the doctor that a computer at FBI headquarters, “Radio Free Washington”, was telling him to sexually assault the boy. Diesel stayed in the hospital for a while until he decided he was going to lose his job if he did not get out. So Denis Woylchuk was called to defend him and get him released. Dr. Bellows was the psychiatrist and did not believe Derek should be released. Derek lost his court case but after two months and continued medication he was released...
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