Canon Maketing

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  • Published : February 13, 2011
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  For the products of canon, their digital cameras are in the growth stage. Their camera have been experiencing rapid increases in sales. It is in this stage that competitors appear. The result of more competitors and more aggressive pricing is that profit usually peaks during the growth stage. Product sales in the growth stage grow at an increasing rate because of new people trying or using the product and a growing proportion of repeat purchasers. Changes start to appear in the product during the growth stage. To help differentiate a company’s brand from its competitors, an improved version or new features are added to the original design. Canon at that stage tries to attract customers by differentiating their products from the competitors by emphasizing that their product is much better than the other brands available. For canon, new models and features were added during the growth stage. In the growth stage it is important to gain as much distribution for the product as possible.  By the mid 1990s canon expanded to many other stores selling electronic equipment.

Canon printers are in the maturity stage. Their printers mostly have consumers who would buy the product repeatedly. Sales increase at a decreasing rate in the maturity stage as fewer buyers enter the market. Profit declines because there is fierce price competition among many sellers. Examples of canon printer’s competitors are the Hawlett Packard (HP) and the Epson printers which sometimes have better functions then canon printers. Marketing attention is often directed toward holding market share through further product differentiation and finding new buyers. Canon printer manufacturers introduced product features that were suitable for home use and businesses, which today represent a significant portion of industry sales.

As nowadays all in one machines are very commonly found almost everywhere, canon scanners are at a decline stage. The decline stage occurs...
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