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Topics: Management, Project management, Bar chart Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Independent Analysis Report
David Estrada
Week 2
BUSN 460
Conducting an impendent Analysis for the CanGo Company.
After watching this video I observed that the manager at CanGo assigned one of his employees (Nick) to implement a plan for online gaming. Nick agrees to this task, however very shortly after the conversation he became very overwhelmed after realizing how much research and work that was involved. ISSUES

From what I can see in the video, CanGo is faced with two major challenges: A) Getting a stable gaming system up and running as soon as possible B) Preparing for an anticipated holiday season.

Both of these projects have to be carefully planned with good coordination and control of all activites. SWOT
Strengths: there is plenty of time for planning to complete this (Nick has 5 weeks) Weaknesses: Nick has to come up with how this is going to be implemented but he is not very organized Opportunities: he has other people at his disposal and needs to delegate some responsibility Threats: he cannot overestimate his customers and has enough time RECOMMENDATIONS

Nick should get the help from his co-workers to help with this project. As you can see from watching the video, the two women are more than helpful. He should learn from them on goal setting, prioritizing, and how to meet deadlines. They also show him how to make up a Gantt chart. There was no mention of using MS Project Manager, which will also be helpful. He did make a list of tasks but nothing is in order of priority. Doing it this way you will be able to see what should be done first, what can wait and what needs to be done after tasks are done first. What he can also do is find who has the skills to carry out certain tasks and also find out how the 80/20 rule works. This translates to 80% of activities contributes less than 20 % to the value of work. So, if you only do the 20% of the important tasks, you still get most of the value, then you focus most of...
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