Can Men and Women Be Friends

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  • Published : September 19, 2006
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"Can Men and Women be Friends?"
This is an article looking deep into the relationships between opposite sexes and how well they can really be platonic friends. The taboo of boys and girls being strictly friends stems from a time when male female relationships were for marriage and reproduction only. Well, times are changing and as this article points out women are quickly invading what use to be a male only work force. With this change it is important for men and women to learn how to have professional and cordial relationships without sexual tension getting in the way. The article offers suggestions on how true male/ female friendships last. This includes being very open about the friendship and if there is sexual tension both parties address it and find ways to work through it. The article also hits on how these friendships are beneficial for both men and women. Men find the friendship to be rewarding in ways that his male friendships are not. The friendship he possesses with a female is usually one in which there are hours of communication. He can share feeling, ideas, frustrations, and joys with his female friend and she will listen and usually offer feedback. This is not to say he couldn't do this with his male friends; it is just rare that men feel comfortable sharing all these things with each other. The woman gets lots of satisfaction and gratification from this friendship as well. Every woman in the world wants to know what in the hell men are thinking! This insight into the male mind is usually priceless to most women.

The thing in this article that I think people might disagree with is the simplicity of getting over the sexual tension hump. The author makes fixing the problem as easy as one discussion about the issue. In my experience something as strong as sexual tension usually takes a lot of work on both parties to overcome and that is if both parties really have the same goal. Being honest with a person you want to be friends with but...
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