Can Managers Create Satisfied Employees?

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  • Published : May 21, 2012
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Can managers create satisfied managers?

As a manager who has to complete its objectives, it appears to be very important to be surrounded by satisfied employees. Indeed, many studies showed that employees who are satisfied, or happy with their job conditions (globally), are most of the time more productive than the other ones. It can be explained by the motivation that occurs when people are happy with what they do, for who they work (their firm), and with who they work (colleagues). De facto, managers should make their possible to make their employees satisfied. To get this point, according to the article, there are many factors that can be controlled by him. Firstly, the feeling of a mentally challenging work: it means that people prefer to have a job where they can use their skills properly so that they can well succeed in their tasks. That can make them feel « welladjusted ». Secondly, offering the employees equitable rewards, that means to give them a fair salary, a fair position in the hierarchy according to their performance and quality… An employee who sees a colleague get rewarded for something that he feels he did better can generate a feeling of unfairness, and can also be disheartening. Then, surrounding them with supportive work conditions and if possible with supportive colleagues is also really important to create satisfied employees. Supportive work conditions include the basic job conditions (the place, the comfort, the timetable, the facilities…). People prefer to work in a place which is close to home, because travelling for hours every day is tiring and people start to feel unhappy each morning when they have to leave for work, because they know the day will be long… They also prefer to work in a nice environment, that means a comfortable one, and to keep, maybe, a certain freedom. Concerning the supportive colleagues: managers cannot really do something about it, but working with supportive colleagues, people with who you can get close or...
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