Can Knowledge Be Bad?

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  • Published : May 3, 2009
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Can knowledge be bad?

Yes because knowledge such as can be bad:

- atomic weapon
- Smoking
- Stem cell research
- Cloning
- Drugs
- Sex knowledge
- Kill
- Lie

Knowledge can perceive to be bad when it makes us narrow-minded reject new truths.

I feel that it will cause a person to become narrow-minded by their current belief. Our current knowledge/belief can cause us to reject new information/idea and so our education and knowledge that we have learnt might turn out to be a disadvantage rather than a benefit if we don’t control it properly.

Should all knowledge be pursued?

By pursuing more knowledge we will become more aware of the danger present in the world. If we had not pursued knowledge in stem cell research how are human going to develop to become more advanced. It might be bad knowledge because you are killing embryos which is also a live but certain sacrifices has to be made and there will be risk present but I think the good out number the bad.

Yes I think that all knowledge should be pursued even the knowledge that is bad because it helps us to become more aware of it. For example I feel the knowledge to know how to kill should be pursued because if we know how to kill we can avoid being killed as we will understand the way the murderer will think. Therefore we can avoid them because then we will understand that they will kill in places less crowded, dark so they are not caught such as an alley and so we will avoid going there because we will become aware of the danger.
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