Can Go Review

Topics: Qualitative research, Microsoft PowerPoint, Presentation Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Team Name and Members:| AcheiversAmber Ansari, Juan Antonio,Carlos Espinoza, Adreana Freeman, Leonetta Dopwell| Date:| 12-4-11|
Week’s Team Objectives (defined in previous week):| Identifying 6 issues and recommendations from CanGo.|

Work for Week’s Team Objectives Accomplished (defined in previous week): Yes.
Review/Highlights of Team Video Analysis Report:
Looking at the video, it seems like that CanGo still needs more time and a little bit more help to get everything evaluated in order for them to run company as they want. As a team we were able to come with 6 issues and recommend things that would help them overcome their hurdles. Other ‘Consulting’ Work (other than Team Video Analysis Reports): None

Progress toward Final Presentation (Qualitative and Quantitative): All team member work well together to get the work done in the time allotted. We have two member who finaled the presentation and the other three are working on the report. So we are making great progress. Comments (including each team member contributions/support): Carlos and Leonetta: worked on the final power point presentations along with the 2 issues and recommendation from each of them Myself, Adreana, and Juan worked on the actually report along with the1 issue and it’s recommendation for this week’s video analysis. Next Week’s Objectives/Tasks:

Next week we plan to go over the final presentation in the Iconnect live and review the final paper and get all the loose ends tied.

Team Leader, type your name below in the space indicated acknowledging that you have reviewed and concurred with each team member’s accomplishments for the Final project this week. NOTE: This may affect your fellow student’s grades; therefore, you must be honest and as accurate as you can be with the information provided. Team Leader this week: Amber Ansari

Name:  type your name here acknowledging the above statement    
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