Can Ethics Be as Strongly Support as Mathematical Formulas?

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Philosophy Pages: 4 (1224 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Ethics: Can it be as strongly support as mathematical formulas?

In 4 of November, 2010, a Japanese male worker in a banking institution hanged himself up in 5 AM in the morning, while streaming his suicidal acts on internet website, Ustream. He explained a week ago about his miserable life on internet site 2ch, and without sympathy, being told to go ahead and suicide.

Philosopher Seneca thinks that: “If all human die, it is not when you die, but how you die.” If a person lives in a situation that does not have the worthiness to live further, he should suicide. Other philosopher David Hume also believes that one may kill oneself if one lives a miserable life. God gives us the only power no other animal has, and suicide is then an action of thanking the god.

However, the main stream philosophers disagree on committing suicide. Immanuel Kant addresses: “the life of a human being is more important than animal is because human have free will. If one uses one’s free will to end oneself, it is then no self-respect, and objectified one’s life.” Kant also believes that free will is only here to support the moral, and committing suicide stops the duty of being moral, which violate the reason of having free will, thus the freedom of committing suicide is against the goal of free will.

There are ethical issues in nearly any subject, but is ethics a good source of reasoning? Can ethics actually be wrong?

What is ethics?
Ethics refers to the study of what it is to live a valuable life and the subsequent system of value. The word ‘ethics’ is closely related to the word ‘moral’, and can often be switched between these two. However, the etymological roots of ‘ethic’ and ‘morals’ reflect a change in the meaning and treatment of the subject which is worth noting. ‘Ethic’ arrives from the Greek word ethos, which means character, while ‘moral’ comes from the Latin word morales meaning behaviour or custom. The main part of the first word is on the character one has...
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