Suicide Is Wrong

Topics: Suicide, Death, Right to die Pages: 3 (1061 words) Published: December 6, 2007
Suicide is the eighth leading cause for death which makes it ranked higher than deaths that occur from killing. That makes suicide a big problem for the world. Friends and family are hurt because a loved one had died through suicide (Barry). People who could have done great good to society have died because of suicide (Barry). People should see that suicide is wrong because it is not morally acceptable, it impairs society, and something should be done to prevent suicide.

One of the biggest reasons that suicide is wrong is that it is morally not acceptable. For religious believers, God had mandated that "Thou shall not kill" as a commandment. No matter how you are killed, either by someone else's hand or by your hand, it would still be killing (Rupnarain). Suicide isn't permissible either. You can be morally permissible if you do it without any guilt. These suicide "victims" have left behind notes that say what they were doing wasn't right but it was the best solution to their problems (Rupnarain). This is also similar to one's obligations to others. People who commit suicide have been known to leave notes of regret, failure, sadness, and guilt. The only way it would be permissible is if they had left notes of accomplishment and gaiety. Some people might have said that suicide is just fulfilling their desires. If this is true, then suicide is just a sign of the uttermost selfishness (Rupnarain). Furthermore, people likewise don't have the right to commit suicide. People do have the power to destroy themselves and suicide, but that isn't the same as having a right to suicide. Because you have the power to do something, it doesn't mean in any sense that one should if it is not morally right to do so ("Individuals"). If you had the right to commit suicide, it's technically saying that you have the right to kill. When people talk about the right to die, meaning that not just the right to suicide but it physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia is allow also. This...
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