Can Animals Demonstrate Intelligence

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Can Animals Demonstrate Intelligence, or Do They Just Act on Instinct? Animals' behaviors can be recognized as a complicated process in animals' lives circles which includes a mixture between instinct and intelligence. The way that most of animals use to communicate with each other is a clear sample to know how much complicated they are. Most differences between animals' behaviors may relate to their intelligence such as defense tactics, or act on instinct like nursing. The difference between animals' intelligence and acting on instincts is that they can learn how to do things like hunting which explains intelligence but feeling of hunger is instinct because of some internal or external factors like the hormones process in the body or skin's low temperature. However animals are in between of acting in instinct and demonstrating intelligence.

The scientists focused on animal intelligence and demonstrated that they can learn from humans and from each other. For example the apes have learned the sign language by many signs which need time to memorize, afterwards scientists discovered that they can communicate with apes with these signs. This means that apes have an intelligence which is different from other animals to give them special character among them.

Most animals act on instincts in some situations or at least in one stage of their lives. For instance, when birds are young they open their mouths for eating from their mother. Also, sea turtles after they hatched they go to the ocean automatically and start swimming from the first time without previous learning. Those examples indicate that animals can act in some situations on instinct.

It is obvious that animals can live and survive in wild nature with some factors that complement each other. Living alone can be difficult to any animal to survive or deal with many situations individually. Like some kinds of birds when they...
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