Camp Marion Hospital Case Analysis

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  • Published : July 25, 2012
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I. Central Problem
The Marion Camp Memorial Hospital is currently suffering from quality deterioration due to management’s lack of quality control

The group recognizes that the ultimate cause of the deteriorating quality of the hospital’s services is due to the management’s incompetence and because of this, various problems have arisen. For example, it was mentioned that the support staff were semi-skilled or unskilled which only shows that management has no clear set of standards in hiring personnel. In addition, no adequate supervision was given by the management during working hours as seen when cold meals were served and beds were not changed often enough. II. Objective

* To emphasize and define quality of health care needed in a hospital * To enhance the quality control set by management
* To enhance the skills and knowledge of the Support staff in giving quality service * To motivate the employees to be more productive
* To eliminate complaints
III. Alternative Course/s of Action
1. Provide seminars and on-the-job-training for management and work staffs that emphasizes the importance and need of quality of service Through these, quality will be defined in the minds of the management and staffs. Management will be trained on the kind of quality they need to uphold, while the staff will be trained to be able to comply with such quality. 2. Improve the hiring standard of the Hospital, particularly of the service staff by assessing their values and self-esteem thru pre-employment questionnaire prior to hiring them

3. Establish and maintain a well defined quality standard for all the Hospital employees Management must set clear standards that should be followed by employees especially the support staff. For example meals must be freshly cooked and served on time, and beds must be changed at set schedules. 4. Use rewards as a motivational strategy to make employees or staff be more productive in their assigned work. For...