Camp Cimi Experience

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  • Published : August 20, 2012
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When we arrived at Camp CIMI, my roommates and I headed off to our assigned dorms. We were in Owl and our room was 120 B; thankfully it was near the bathrooms. After choosing our bunks, and setting all of our stuff down, everyone started to pull out their defenses in case someone attempted to prank us. When everybody became tired of playing cards, we unpacked, once we were finished, our room looked like a town that had been hit by a tsunami. However, it was during the night when the fun started. That night some people, that I will not mention, decided to ding-dong-ditch our room. A few people in my dorm became extremely annoyed, went outside, and did the same thing back to the pranksters. However, they had to sprint back to our dorm to avoid the teachers. The teachers were outside giving out citations because they caught some people who were out of their dorms after quiet hour. Once, the talking came to an end, we fell asleep and slept soundly throughout the night. All in all, staying in the dorms was an extremely interesting experience.

When the activities during the day came to an end, we would eat dinner and then begin the night activities. Our first, and my favorite, night activity was the ___________. I cannot speak of this exciting activity because we pledged that we would not speak of it outside of Camp CIMI. Unfortunately, we were only allowed to participate in it once. On the second night at camp, we were given the opportunity to night snorkel, however, if we chose not to, the counselors would either take our group to dissect a squid, or to do creatures of the night. In past years, we would have rock climbed instead, however, it was closed down for some unknown reason. Since snorkeling was too cold for me, I decided to dissect a squid. Due to the fact that my partner, Spencer, did not like to touch the squid, I ended up doing most of the work. After acclimating to the horrible smell, we then began to dissect it. When I...
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