Camp X

Topics: World War II, James Bond, Cold War Pages: 1 (479 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Camp x is one of the best known and fascinating spy camps of all time, it has everything from movies to books to movies based on it like “camp x” by Eric Walters and some of the most influential spy’s of all time and it was just outside our very city in a small town called whitby where it all began. Camp X was a training facility spy’s in a lonely and quiet 275 acre farm just outside of Toronto, in whitby. The camp was established in December 6 1941 and was mostly used during World War 2 when America and Canada got envolved.(1941 - 1945). Camp X was mainly run by the British but they hired William Stephenson which is the founder of camp X. The camp was also very popular about 1400 cadets at its peak and trained them to a “make or break” point at the camp just like in the the movie “the recruit” but only real and rougher. Training was taken very seriously and didn’t wait for anyone at this camp and some even died during training. Form the crack of dawn till the stroke of midnight and was rigorous and brought the feeling of exhaustion. It specialized in fitness, hand to hand combat ( the silent kill )map reading, secret writing, explosives, security and of course intelligence. After someone left the camp they could kill someone in 15 seconds with their bare harsh hands.Camp X made sure that they had courses in all aspects for cadets to reach full potential and they surely did. Camp X made many amazing people form the camp one of the most well-known is Ian Flemming who is the creator of the most iconic spy’s. James bond. Which is the most well know spy of all time with millions of fans and everything from movies to memorabilia! He based this on what his wish he was like since when someone told him to capture someone he couldn’t so he made is alter ego (James bond ) do it on paper But I didn’t stop there it also produced William Colby former director of C.I.A any many R.C.M.P officers along with others who were chosen to be in the C.I.A , F.B.I and...
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