Call Center Performing Meassures

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Call center performing measures
Call Centers are a very important part of the customer relationship management programs in modern companies. A call center manager should establish some quality control and measures for employee’s performance to guarantee the best quality, effectiveness and profitability for business. Monitoring employee’s calls and their results the best way to identify areas that are failing in the call process that can be solve to improve the complete operation. Physically Supervision, monitoring calls and continuously training are key to help employees to meet the goals of the call center. According to Penny Reynolds (2003), the most important effectiveness measures in a call center are blockage, abandon rate, self service availability, service level and longest delay in queue. Some of these measures are related to the system the company use to process the incoming or outbound calls. Blockage is related to the amount of customers that succeed in access the call center in a period of time without getting busy line or have a very long time waiting. Abandon rate refers to the customers decision of not keep waiting on the line for a customer service representative. There are multiple factors for this to happen but usually the main reason is a long waiting. Self service availability refers to the options the customer is provided to handle their needs by automated systems, web chats and helps functions. Although this alternatives are functional for some customers, there still a lot of others that needs to reach help in person fast. These alternatives usually delay the time the customer gets to the one on one help needed (Reynolds, 2013). Monitoring all these measurements along with each individual employee performance is vital to get the expected results. A call center should have the capability to recognize the calls that have been waiting too much time and get a customer service prepare to neutralize the reaction of the client....
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