Cafs Irp "How Does Drinking Alcohol Affect the Wellbeing of Teenage Girls (Between the Ages of 14-17"

Topics: Alcoholism, Binge drinking, Drinking culture Pages: 24 (4938 words) Published: April 1, 2012
HSC assessment 2012

Community and Family Studies

Independent research Project

“How does drinking alcohol affect the wellbeing of teenage girls (between the ages of 14-17)”


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List of tables and Figures

How old are you?

When was the first time you tried alcohol?

How often do you drink?

What type of drinker are you?

If you drink, why do you think is the reason that you drink?

Have you ever been put in a dangerous situation involving alcohol?

Who do you think is the biggest influence of underage drinking?

Are you aware of the effects of alcohol?

If you are a drinker, are your parents aware about your drinking?

If you are a drinker have you ever done some you regret or something unwise whilst under the influence of alcohol? 19











This is an independent research project which consists of how drinking alcohol affects the wellbeing of teenage girls (aged 14-17). The tasks aim to explore and research the affects drinking alcohol has on teenage girls and their wellbeing. This IRP demonstrates the consequences teenage girls may face when drinking alcohol by consisting of reliable and relevant information and research regarding the topic. The research included in this IRP consists of Primary sources, including surveys which provide statistics throughout a percentage of people, and interviews which provide information in depth. The research in this IRP also consists of secondary sources, including Newspaper articles, internet articles.

My hypothesis whilst conducting this IRP is that alcohol would have a large negative impact on the wellbeing of teenage girls, and that a high percentage of teenage girls have already experience alcohol consumption and possibly have started drinking at a younger age. I also think that the major influence of teenage girls drinking is peer pressure, and the major motive is just for fun, they enjoy the feeling of alcohol consumption. The methodology research shows that teenage girls (aged 14-17) drinking alcohol has a negative effect on them and their wellbeing, as it negatively affects their social health, physical health and mental health. The research also shows that this is a big issue as it is affecting a high percentage of girls. And drinking alcohol has a big impact on teenage girl’s lives. In the research primary sources show statistics that a large percentage of girls already drink and have started at a younger age. It also shows what influences drinking. In the secondary research, sources demonstrate the negativity of teenage girls and drinking. Secondary sources also link and relate to information found in the primary sources.


I would like to acknowledge and extend my genuine gratitude to the following persons who have made the completion of this IRP possible:

The special thank goes to my helpful teacher, Miss Jessica Watts. For Her help, support, inspiration guidance and motivation which helped complete this task. Not only did she help me, she helped the whole class. Her assistance is greatly appreciated.

Grateful thanks goes to my class mates and friends who have also provided support and assistance in completing this task.

Thanks to my mother, for her motivation and positivity which helped me fulfil and complete this task.

And a great deal of thanks to the individuals who have completed surveys and interviews to help me collect and gather information for this IRP.


This Independent Research Project is about “how drinking alcohol affects the wellbeing of teenage girls aged 14-17”. I have chosen this...
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