Caffe Nero

Topics: Strategic management, SWOT analysis, Management Pages: 12 (3562 words) Published: February 2, 2011
Executive summary
In this report, the mission statement for Caffe Nero is make sure food and service are excellence in all four areas to achieve their aim. Besides that, Caffe Nero also providing their customers with good quality coffee and comfortable environment to their customers. There are 3 main important to be successful - A high quality and well defined offering, focus on brand value, selective site acquisition and disciplined roll-out.

Next, SWOT analysis has included in this report because it can help the company planning and make a good decision. The SWOT analysis had been written in the appendix. In The stakeholders, it included suppliers, government, shareholders, pressure group, media and customers. In the appendix, the stakeholders showed how does stakeholders can effects the company process.

PESTLE in this report can be very important, it can use to analyze to external environment. Without this technique, company can run the business very smoothly.
Finally, Porter’s five force can help the Caffe Nero to understand the industry environment This strategic can help the business operate in good condition.

Now I am a Management Consultant for Strategy Ltd. I have been asked to prepare a business review of the company. I should take the form of a report and comment and current strategy adopted by the company. In this report, it would use SWOT analysis, PESTLE and Porter five force to analysis the company situation. The main purpose for this report is to comment past and current strategy adopted by the company. So be a Management Consultant for Strategy Ltd. I need give what strategy and theory are using by Caffe Nero. Then I need give comment to Caffe Nero. In this report, I will define the business strategy such as company mission statement and how the Caffe Nero make their loyalty customers. Next, this report will explain about the significance of stakeholder analysis. The main purpose for the stakeholders. Environmental and organizational audit of Caffe Nero also will include in my report. This will talk about how they position in the market. Lastly, this report will apply strategic positioning technique to analysis the business or organization.

Business strategy is the direction to organization over the long term which achieve advantage for the organization through its configuration of resource with a challenging environment and how to meet of market and fulfill the stakeholder. The mission statement for Caffe Nero is make sure food and services are excellence in all four areas to achieve their aim. Caffe Nero providing customers with great cup of coffee and quality snack in a warm and also authentic European coffee house atmosphere served in good manner.

The loyalty card is one of the very successful retail schemes, but the strategy Caffe Nero use differentiates it from Club card and Nectar is its simplicity. The strategy Caffe Nero use is buys nine coffees and free one coffee. Every customer bought a cup of coffee, a card is stamped. This helps Caffe Nero keep customers loyalty. This card very easy to keep in the wallet and purse, customers can use this card in any Caffe Nero.

Caffe Nero Group PLC is one of the largest café shops in UK after Starbucks and Costa Coffee. The Caffe Nero also try to expand their business to mainland Europe. The company hopes to have around 400-500 outlets by 2010. To expand café outlet, the company complete an initial public offering (IPO) of stock in March 2001, it had 53 sites in operation, raising nine million pound from its debut on the London Stock Exchange. The company was planning try to achieve on London‘s specialty coffee retailing. Caffe Nero can be so successful because it has 3 main important factors: * A high quality and well defined offering – The concept is differentiated from Starbucks and other café outlet. Caffe Nero creates high quality coffee and food offering to customers with comfortable environment. *...
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