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Cadbury Roses Chocolate| November 22010|
Pre Christmas media planning campaign | |


Cadbury Roses Boxed chocolate is one of the famous Cadbury product range. This boxed chocolate have filled New Zealand home with happiness for many years. This chocolate boxed are inexpensive chocolates which containing a small proportion of cocoa solids and high proportion of vegetables fat. A large packet can be bought cheaply which make this chocolate boxed as a common stand by gift on Mother’s Day and it sell well too during the Christmas celebration.

This media plan for pre Christmas campaign will help in support of the brand which has the high sales opportunity during winter time. Previously there are little media support and more focusing on in-store displays. By this, we have a great opportunity for using others medium which can give greater exposure and cost efficiency in order to make this campaign successful and make the brand more stronger and become the first choice of chocolate boxed in consumer mind.

Executive Summary

* The propose of this media plan is to support the brand campaign which has the high sale during winter month. * For this pre Christmas campaign, Radio and magazine will be use as the main medium which will targeting to reach the specific target market (HHS 25-49) * We are comparing 24 month of ads spend from August 2008 to July 2009 and from August 2009 to July 2010. * In chocolate category, chocolate bar is the higher percentage of share follow by chocolate block and chocolate boxed. * In this category most of the spending goes to television follow by radio and magazine. * For the brand category, Cadbury Roses chocolate has the higher spending compare others competitor. * Ferreo Rocher chocolate is the main competitor in this category but the spending still low compare to Cadbury Roses chocolate. * Most of the spend by the Cadbury roses chocolate goes into television follow by radio and magazine. * The most popular month of ads spend is on November and December * From media imperative show that 24.10% is heavy listener follow by moderate which 24.20%. radio light contribute the higher percentage of 33.20% and radio nil contribute 18.60%. * For magazine, heavy reader show the higher percentage of 44.40% follow by moderate which 26.80%. light magazine reader contribute 19% and magazine nil is 9.8%. *

* Radio campaign will be run in 2 weeks time during the lunch in Auckland, Christchurch and wellington * For Auckland radio station, we have choose ZM, Edge and Breeze FM, Christchurch we choose ZM, More and Edge FM, for Wellington we choose ZM, More and Classic Hits. The total spend for radio is $96,384. * For magazine campaign, we choose weekly women magazine such as NZ Women’s Weekly, Women’s Day and New Idea, for NIM’S we choose Herald Canvas and for trade magazine we select FMCG. Total cost for this magazine campaign is $164,298. * Electronic Greeting card( E-Card) will be propose as the low cost / no cost advertising as support for the extension of this pre Christmas campaign * Total media spend goes to $260,682 with media reserve of $14,318 which accumulate to the media budget of $275,000

Table Of Content

Introduction 2
Competitive Ads spend……………… 5
Media Brief………………………………….pg 11
Media Imperative…………………………pg 12
Recommendation & Rationale………pg 13
No Cost/ Low Cost……………………… 21
Total Campaign…………………………….pg 22
Conclusion & Budget Summary…….pg 23
Appendices… 24


The competitive ads spend is the important part where we can predict and analyze the market share and the big player inside the market. It allow us to know the other competitor spending of their advertising and the medium used for the campaign. From this information also give the clear picture of the seasonality of the brand spend...
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