Topics: Mental disorder, The Residents, Charisma Records Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Visit to CADABAM'S
CADABAM'S Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre established in the year 1992 has grown to be one of the well-known Psychiatric rehabilitation care center in India today. We the students of Christ University had the opportunity to visit the place for an orientation session with the centers counselors. And we were allowed to engage with the residents of cadabam’s for a couple of hours. This whole experience gave us more relativity to our paper in abnormal psychology. And we also learnt a lot about life in general. Overall it was a wonderful learning experience. The day at cadabam’s began with a brief introduction by one of the residents about cadabam’s and her own disorder. Then we moved to the cafeteria for refreshments. The first session began by 10am. Mr. Karthik one of the counselors at Cadabam’s began the session by discussing cadabam’s own case studies and various other disorders and addictions in general. This was followed by testimonials by three of the most functional residents of cadabam’s. They had sought admission at cadabam’s months ago for serious mental issues like schizophrenia and OCD but today they are able to function independently and acquired a career at cadabam’s itself. Mr. karthik later arranged each of us with one resident of the center for a one to one session. After lunch Shalton and I were asked to meet Mr. Raja an OCD patient also suffered from panic attacks. He has been a resident at cadabam’s for the past 6 months. We had learned from the counselor that he was very attention seeking. When we approached him first he showed disinterest to get up from his bed but once he came out after being forced by the counselor he was cooperative. He had hit himself with a rock out of frustration and had deep scars on his face. Throughout the interaction session he was worried about those scars and regretted hurt himself. When asked as to why he was worried about the scars he said that he wanted to become an actor and that the...
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