Topics: The Child, The Incident, Child Pages: 12 (4327 words) Published: March 22, 2013
P3.1 Identify possible hazards in the environment and the appropriate action

At my work placement I witnessed numerous hazards most of them were common liquid spillages from this I acted reliable and did the appropriate action by removing the children from the area, placing a wet floor sign over the spillage so no one will slip and injure themselves then by using warm water and adding disinfector to mop up the wet floor. Secondly the location that I have chosen were the children’s toilets I went in there to clean my hands and the state of the toilets were awful they didn’t flush the toilets and they had stains. Also the tissues were left on the floor and all over the toilet seats, from this I removed all the tissues then I notified a member of staff about the situation. Thirdly another hazard that I saw at my work placement was that a child ate a bread stick that was on the floor with other pieces of bread sticks underneath the snack table, when I witnessed it I went to get a dustpan and brush immediately to clear up the area from underneath the table and I also told the children to remain seated while they were eating or drinking. Fourthly the last hazard that I saw was when an autistic child hit the mirror in their dressing corner. As the child had autism, at times he was very aggressive and violent. As soon as I saw the broken mirror/ glasses on the floor, I went and cleared up the floor with broom stick. Whilst clearing up the floor I informed the other practitioner so they are aware of the broken pieces of glass. I also told the practitioner to remove all the children from that room and take them in another room for their health and safety.

P3.2 Describe how to encourage children to take care of the environment.

At my work placement I encouraged the children to keep the room clean and tidy and to be environmentally friendly; I did this by saying the first line of a song that the children have learnt after each play session I said “Main room what time is it? They replied back saying “Tidy up time” and they sang along while doing this the children helped out each other by tiding up and putting the toys, books away picking up pieces of paper from the floor and tables and throwing it in to the rubbish bin.

I also encouraged the children with junk modelling where I asked the children to bring in empty cereal boxes, toilet/kitchen rolls, milk cartons etc. I talked to them about how important it is to recycle, and why we should recycle and what we should recycle, and from the materials the children brought in I demonstrating one of the ideas of on how to recycle by modelling out a robot out of the materials it gave the children idea’s and end of the activities the children made various sculptures from a man to drums.

P3.3 Include an example of when you passed on relevant information about a child in a suitable way

At my work placement a child’s mother said that her best friend was going to pick up her child from the nursery for her because she had a meeting after work which clashes at the same time picking up her son, I asked for her best friend identification so it will be easy to identify her best friend, she gave me her full name, date of birth, mobile number, and address and described how she looked like, I also asked her to inform another member of staff with me present as I explained I was only a trainee childcare practitioner. From this information I also passed it on to my manager I went to her office and used formal language my tone of voice was calm my posture was good I wasn’t leaning on anything and I had eye contact at all times, who then informed the staff in the setting about the change to the home time routine and they were able to do this because I had passed information on.

At my work placement a child informed me that she was being bullied by another child, I comforted and reassured the child that everything will be okay, after hearing both sides of the story and found out it was...
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