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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Buyer (Source Selection): Use a weighting system to determine which evaluation criteria are most important. The evaluation criteria could be as simple as the price for off the shelf standard items, or it could be a combination of factors for a more complex proposal.

Following is a list of some examples of evaluation criteria. • Cost - To evaluate the overall cost, you should consider all cost-related factors, such as: o Purchase price
o Delivery cost
o Operating cost
• Business aspects - This can include the following factors: o Business size and type - Does the business size or type meet a condition set forth in the contract, such as being a small business or a disadvantaged small business? o Financial capacity - Does the seller have the financial capacity to do the job, or is the seller in a position to obtain the necessary financial resources to do the job? o Production capacity and interest - Does the seller have the capacity and the interest to meet future potential requirements? o References - Can the seller provide reliable references (such as from previous customers) verifying the seller's work experience and history of compliance with contractual requirements? These are important criteria in selection process. I had personal experience in contracting outside vendors for ordering 20-25 desktops for my office. The important consideration while evaluating the sellers were cost associated such overall purchase price, installation cost, overall warranty and other services cost, delivery cost etc. References were a very important in selection process as it helped evaluate selected sellers based on their history. After narrowing the search I simply put these details in a sheet and rated each seller, gave weightage to each factor and multiplied weightage rating of each seller. This process eased the process and helped me get best deal.
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