Buyer Behaviour

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Buyer Behaviour: The Consumer Decision-Making Process & Purchasing a Car

Table of Contents
Buyer Behaviour: The Consumer Decision-Making Process & Purchasing a Car1
The Characteristics that Affect Consumer Behaviour2
The Types of Consumer Buying Decisions3
The Components of the Decision-Making Process3
Marketing Recommendations4
The End6

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What is consumers and seller? Consumers the person who consumes the product and the seller or maker who makes that particular product to meet the demand of the buyer marketers try to make sure they deliver the exact product what the consumers demand so the marketers or the sellers target the market in various types. Marketers need the carry out the research for the particular market so they can allocate the market and can easily sell their product to the consumer. The consumer’s mind processes the product many times before they buy that product. The consumer can be from any age or from any group and marketers should know the behaviour of the consumer before the sell out or portray the product or service to the consumers. The consumer’s behaviour can be against their loyal product or their new product is important for e.g. the brand image, the price, and other big factors that affect the consumer buying power. A well-established man who’s in his 40’s and have good salary and wants to buy the bigger, luxurious and safe car for his family because he got bigger family now. So he can drive his new car safely with his family. The Characteristics that Affect Consumer Behaviour

The consumer behaviour affects by social, cultural, personal and psychological and various small other factors. If we look into it the consumer whose buying the car for his family will process these things in his minds through these different characteristics and he will take into consideration everything. If he buys the fast sports car for his family then he might think it will be fast, stylish and an eye catcher for everyone but he will neglect this because he wants his car to be big and more importantly safe for his family instead of that he might look for others things in the car like child lock system, air bags, reverser parking sensor, seats belts and different safety components. (Prescott, 1998) European gets tougher in last 10 to 15 years regarding car safety the new law stated that every car should pass the new test or otherwise it won’t get to enter the EU market and many big companies already started to run these test and improving it so it can minimize the risk of loss of life or severe injuries. (MARU, 2011) The consumer will look into personal choices as well like the size of the car will it going to be the jeep or the saloon car. The colour of the car is also comes in the personal label the consumer might want the colour to be silver of his car, tinted glasses or no tinted glasses. Some car manufacturers offers service like personal modification because some customers prefers modification in their cars like adding the hot seat feature or some screens in the car and quality and durability it also come under the personal section some consumer demands driving the branded cars because the brand holds the name in the market and it also refers sometimes the higher the quality the higher the price. Some customers prefers the service centre to be near there residents area so they can easily fix up there if there is a problem so the marketers might want to make sure before they target the market that what are the demands of the customer and how many service centres available in that whole area so they can easily get more sales. (Queensland Government, 2012) Before customer buy the car from the dealer buyers also might want to make sure that dealer is approved to sell the vehicle and must have all the registration papers...
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