Busy Busy Busy

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Busy Busy Busy

In the world of college, there is always something to be done as a student. If it is homework, class, family, friends, or just living life, all college students have something going to do. College students are stressed at some point in time and every college student can make college less stressful if they plan, set goals, and find something that they like about college. Dr. Drew (2007) put it in a good way when he said “Without stress, there would be no life”. Is that true? Would life be the same without stress? Every college student learns to deal with stress in a different way; some sleep, others eat. College students all have their own ways of dealing with stress. I believe that if we just follow these few simple steps it will make college less stressful.

Planning is a huge part of making college less stressful. When I first started in college I trusted my teacher’s syllabus to plan for me. I found out very quickly that it was making it a lot harder to keep track of everything I had complete. That is when I started to find out that if I planned things out every day and I would be able to get everything done that I needed. One of the biggest parts of planning is planning your time on an everyday basis. There are only so many hours in each day. All students have homework and assignments that have to be done. Sometimes we may forget about them that is when we stay up late to get them done. When doing it last minute, that makes that project so much more stressful and can make going to that class the next day stressful to. There is an easy solution to this problem. Write down when your assignments are due and then write down the time you are able to work on it. When you do this, you are planning to have set times to do all you homework and so you will never have to worry about when you are going to get it done. I started planning my time a couple of years ago and it made school work much less stressful for me. I know on an every day basis...
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