Bussines Plan of Beer Production in Uzbekistan

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Part 1. Executive summary.3
Part 2. Description of product/service.4
Part 3. Market analyses.5
Part 4. Strategy and Implementation8
Part 5. Management summary.10
Part 6. Financial plan.13
Appendix 1. Job description

Part 1.Executive summary.

General description
The purpose of this coursework is to describe the beverage producing company “Pivovarova Co” with the productivity of 120000 hectoliters per year. The trademark of the product is “Tashkent city”. The field of company’s operation is brewery industry. The main reason for creating this company is to provide both Uzbek and Russian consumers with less expensive but more qualitative beer by means of using the modern west technologies. The type of ownership of the company is Joint venture with attraction of foreign investments. The company produces wide range of products of mass consumption in brewery industry. The location of the factory will be in the territory of aggregation factory at the SabirRakhimov district in Tashkent city. The major advantages of choosing a territory of the factory are maintained by the following arguments: - Availability of not completely constructed building decreases the costs and period of construction. - Availability of engineering communications required for exploitation of the factory. - Availability of the developed transport infrastructure - Developed social infrastructure

- Availability of qualified workforce.
The company plans to get finances the following way. The finances will be acquired from Russian and English investor. As it is a joint stock 25 % will be devoted to Russian investors, other 24 % will be to English investors and the rest 51% will belong to the company. As the company attracts foreign investments, for fulfillment of its responsibility towards Russian and English investors, the company plans to export its products abroad to the investors of the company on the sum due to the share of the investor according to the contract every year (details in the part 6). The business mission of the company is to open new workplaces for population, which will positively affect the economic development of our country. The business aim of the company is to fill the market with beer of high quality, which at the same time would be available for people. And the business objective is to make a “distributional web” across the Uzbekistan.

Part 2.Description of product/service.

Full description of the current products of the company:
Ourcompanyproducesbeerunder the name“Tashkent city”. Thisbeeris basedonhigh-qualityproducts. Ourcompanyuses themachinesimportedfromforeign countries.In addition,ourproducts are manufacturedbased on theproduction offoreigncounterpartsof ourcompany.

Comparison with competitor’s product/service: During the last five years, the market of Uzbekistan has been filled with imported products including beer incoming from abroad. The main importers of beer to the republic are the following countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Pribaltic, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic and others. The special niche in the segment of imported beer occupies the productions from Russia and Kazakhstan, which import such brands of beer as “Baltic” and “Chimkentskoe” .In the row of imported beer “Gosser”, “Henninger”, “Holsten” and other brands also entered. The average price of one bottle of beer with the capacity of 0.5 liter ranges from 800 to 2500 sums.

Sources of raw materials: As the main raw material for requiring the production of beer, we use malt, hops and yeast. An important prerequisite for the production of high-quality beer is to buy the basic raw...
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