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Topics: Finance, Debt, Investment Pages: 2 (296 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Syllabus Business Finance

|1. |Sources for finance business. Types of finance. Banking services, retail banking. Government and development bank-lending.| | |Methods of international settlement trough banks. | |2. |Foreign exchange rate. Spot rates and forward rates. How to calculate the forward rates. Foreign currency options. | |3. |. Incoterms. | |4. |Overview of terms of payment. Open – account terms. Documentary collection, letter of credit –definition, issuance cycle, | | |types letter of credit. Risk and approaches for mitigate the business and financial risks. | |5. |Short term finance. Overview of the short-term finance available to exporters. Advance and acceptance credits, discounting| | |credits, revolving credits. | |6. |Alternative methods for financing international trade transactions. Factoring and forfeiting. When should used factoring | | |and forfeiting. | |7. |Lease – operating and finance lease. Types of lease. Advatages and disadvatages of lease. | |8. |The term structure of interest rate. Bond prices and yields. | |9. |International Dimensions of long-term financing. Equity finance, Bond finance. Advantages and Disadvantages. | | | | |10. |Leveraged loans. What is a syndicated loan. Types of risks...
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