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  • Published : March 31, 2012
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Trend Assignment – Outline

By: Alexander Petersen and Louie Wu – Comm 390, Section 117 Prof: Carla Furlong
September, 2011


“Book Warehouse is a local, independent discount book business with five locations. The company was founded by prominent Western Canadian musicians in 1980 and is a well-known fixture in some of Vancouver’s most interesting neighborhoods. We are pleased to offer our customers thousands of interesting and irresistibly priced titles in a relaxing environment.” -


eBooks are becoming more and more popular and sales of eBooks have exploded in recent years. Bookstores that aren’t incorporating eBooks into their business in any way do not, in most cases, survive. While Amazon, Apple and Sony dominate the eBook market, there are many ways that a bookstore can implement this new trend into their business. -------------------------------------------------

Core Idea – Report Focus

Most of your stores are doing well, but throughout North America, bookstores are going out of business and share prices of the biggest chains are plummeting. In order to stay in business you must implement eBooks into and you should hire my firm to help you do this.

Opening Hook

The proper implementation of eBooks into your business will not only let you survive, but let you benefit from this new trend. Through redoing the store as more than a bookstore, a community can be created, collecting loyal customers that make the store less vulnerable to the same default risk as other bookstores.

Key Message One

The growth of the eBook industry has been dramatic whereas the growth of the print industry has been stagnant. This means that customers of regular books are rapidly switching to eBooks, such as can be seen when looking at eBooks as a percentage of...
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